14 May 2011

Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

Just a quick one again - I have recently been visiting family and friends in the UK for my 30th birthday so not had much time to bake. However I did receive 5 recipe books; cupcakes, desserts, muffins, breads and macarons so I have lots of new recipes to try and share!

But even though I was in the UK I still got a chance to bake - my mother is involved with the Women's Institute and they often have cake-bake sales, so my mum (of course knowing my love for cupcakes) asked me to make some and I was only too happy to before I started suffering baking withdrawal symptoms!

03 May 2011

Classic Vanilla-Vanilla (Cutesy) Cupcakes

Just a quick one this time. It is my 30th birthday this week so had to take (and wanted to anyway!) the obligatory cakes to the office to share with colleagues - and so far they have been enjoying being my guinea-pigs!

So this time it was time to try out my new 1M wilton open star tip as well as get use of my flower cutters, so decided on some classic vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream decorated with flowers. And to give it that nice spring feel I went for a yellow and pink theme.