14 May 2011

Chocolate Orange Cupcakes

Just a quick one again - I have recently been visiting family and friends in the UK for my 30th birthday so not had much time to bake. However I did receive 5 recipe books; cupcakes, desserts, muffins, breads and macarons so I have lots of new recipes to try and share!

But even though I was in the UK I still got a chance to bake - my mother is involved with the Women's Institute and they often have cake-bake sales, so my mum (of course knowing my love for cupcakes) asked me to make some and I was only too happy to before I started suffering baking withdrawal symptoms!

So just to try something a little new I couldn't think of a better winning combination than chocolate and orange! I made a batch of chocolate cupcakes (which came out moister in my mum's oven!) then with a normal batch of buttercream I replaced the whole milk with juice of an orange, plus added the grated rind of almost a whole orange - it is worth noting to let the buttercream sit for a while, the rind gradually infuses so it gets a bit stronger after about 30 minutes. Oh, and make sure your rind is finely grated so not to interfere with the piping of the buttercream.

Then for decoration I used some grated dark chocolate, cocoa powder and sugared orange peel. Very yummy - even my dad who's not a chocolate cake fan was impressed!

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